What Matters Most?

What’s important to you? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to interact more with the people, places and things that are important to you?  Who would you be if you had more time to focus on the things that are most important to you and your family? What would you do if you had more time and income?

Do you want to improve but you’re not sure where to start?  You’ve found the right place to learn about ways to live a balanced, focused life that meets your needs.  Our goal is to help you find a way to live your best life by looking a feeling great, building financial independence and living in your purpose.  Read below for ideas to help you reach your goals.

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Here are three key areas of focus that will enable you to have a life that works well versus one that’s full of worry and uncertainty:

  • Work and Financial Independence –  Finding independence includes finding finding a way to sustain yourself mentally, physically and financially that works YOUR lifestyle.  Your work life affects many other key areas of your life, and that’s why we list it first.  Here are some key questions to ask yourself about your finances and how you can get to where you want to be:
  1. Is your current work situation “working” for you and your family?  Who do you depend on? Who depends on you?  Are you struggling to make it day to day or do you feel confident in your ability to weather a financial storm?  Could you stand on your own if heaven forbid, something happened to those people and things you depend on?
  2. Have you placed all your eggs in one basket? Like your investment portfolio, you should diversify the way you earn income.  It’s never a good idea to place all your eggs in one basket.  Creating an “income portfolio”  will enable you to shift to another area if  one area starts to suffer or is eliminated.  For example, if you are working a conventional 9 to 5 job, are you depending on that job to provide all of your income?  How would you continue to meet your financial obligations if you were to lose your job?
  3. How do you achieve financial independence? Additional streams of income will enable you to weather financial storms like the “Great Recession” and continue moving forward when others are losing everything.  Working from home allows you to add additional streams of income and gives you more control over the way you bring money into your household.  There are work at home opportunities that will enable you to earn income passively while working a 9 to 5 job, growing your income and your ability to provide for your family.  Investing in the financial markets is another way to earn passively but you have to make a larger initial investment to really make this method work and there’s a lot more risk.
  • Wellness – Are you physically, mentally and spiritually healthy enough to enjoy your life? Are you feeling slow, stagnant and unmotivated? If you’re not physically and mentally healthy, there are entire industries that are focused on helping you feel and look your best.

Our Wellness Section has informative articles on living a healthy lifestyle as well as products to help you look and feel great.   Visit our Wellness Shop to try our products to not only look and feel great yourself, but help others look and feel great as well.

  • Purpose – What are your unique gifts? How can you use those gifts to give back to your community, your family, and even the world? What kind of energy are you sending out into the universe?  If you don’t already know, learn more about who you are.  Walk in your purpose… Use your unique gifts to make the world a better place.

Make Your Transformation

butterflyIf you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, the information provided here is designed to help move you in the right direction. Having great information is an important first step to solving any problem.

Finding happiness requires knowledge of who you are, and moving toward financial freedom will help you build resources and peace of mind needed to make stand on your own and make changes happen.

You also need your health to enjoy the things that make you happy, so it’s important to stay mentally and physically sharp to make great choices that will lead you where you need to be.  In the hustle and bustle of everyday life these questions can go unanswered and your life and happiness can suffer.

Make your transformation to the life you want to lead, not the life that circumstances hands you. Make it work, and Live Marvelously…