What Is an Autoship Order and How Can It Help Me?

Auto-ship (also called SmartShip) is a term used to refer to an order that processes automatically each month and is shipped to your door.  It's a convenient way to order products you use on a regular basis, like daily multivitamins, skin care products, household items like laundry detergent, or items used in your business, like printer paper and ink cartridges.


Companies like Amazon and Home Shopping Network offer auto ship on frequently used items and it's common with other companies as well.  It's a no hassle way to make sure you get popular products each month and eliminates the need to shop.

Products That Can Be Placed on Auto-Ship

Total Life Changes offers this convenience for our customers.  Three products that our customers place on auto-ship most frequently are the Nutra Burst Liquid Vitamins, Iaso Tea and Envidia skin repair serum.

The Benefits of Auto Ship for You

When you place an order on auto-ship, you are giving the company permission to charge your credit card automatically  Each time an order is placed, you will receive the same product each month until you make a change.

Convenience.  Instead of having to remember to place an online order each month, you can place items on auto-ship and receive them like clockwork.  Orders placed on auto-ship on our website will be processed by Total Life Changes on the same day each month, enabling you to conveniently budget for the payment.

It's a Time Saver. It's a time saver because instead of having to take the time and energy to make a trip to the store, you can have frequently used items automatically ordered and delivered to your doorstep.

A Constant Supply.   Another benefit is that you will never run out!

Changing or Canceling Your Autoship

You can add a product or change your auto-ship product to something else, by visiting our website and logging into your account  Changes are made with the click of a mouse.  If you feel better talking to a representative, you can call the customer service number included with your order. 

You can also change or cancel your auto-ship order at any time by contacting us 10 working days before your scheduled shipment date to allow for processing. We will walk you through making any changes to your order.  If we receive the request in less than 10 working days your auto-ship will cancel on the next billing cycle and you will receive an additional product.

No more running out of products or remembering to re-order... just set it up, sit back and relax. Your favorite products will be delivered each month, on the same day.  So what are you waiting for? Set up auto-ship today!​

Autoship can help you with convenience.  Items can be automatically ordered and delivered to your door by utilizing this process. Learn more and get your order set up today!

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