What Closely Held Beliefs Are Limiting Your Success?

When I looked at my email this morning, the first message that popped up was titled “What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid“.  It really struck me because that is the million dollar question for many people.  How much further ahead would any of us be if it wasn’t for limiting beliefs that hold us back.  How many times have you not quite taken the plunge because you’re afraid it won’t work out?

You’re smart, popular and well-adjusted, but there is something that keeps you from reaching your full potential. The most obvious reason is that you’re maybe afraid.  But when you look further, it pays to examine whether it may have something to do with your belief system.  Sometimes the opportunity we’ve been looking for is right in front of us, but we don’t see it because of the beliefs we hold on to.  When I talk about beliefs, I’m not just talking about religious beliefs, I’m really talking about the beliefs we have about ourselves, the beliefs we have about money, and the beliefs we have about life in general or the world around us.

Some common culprits are  things like constantly reliving past failures, so they become ingrained in your memory, ready to pounce each time you’re ready to move forward.  Maybe you have someone in your life or some trigger that constantly reminds you of those failures.  If you’ve had a string of misfortune or loss, you may have a feeling that the world is a horrible place.  Maybe you’ve never had a good feeling about money because of things you’ve heard throughout your life,  like “money is the root of all evil”.  Maybe you had someone in your life that gave you a message of defeat… “You’ll never be ______.” or “You’ll never do _______.”, and you can fill in the blank.

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The first step on the road to success and happiness includes getting rid of limiting thoughts and beliefs. When we take a moment to think about some of our limiting beliefs,  it’s easy to see that many of them are not based on fact.  Many times these beliefs came from other people’s opinions, something we heard, or our own interpretations and feelings of inadequacy.  So what if we failed. Failure teaches us lessons and helps us to improve. So all the things that originally started out as a negative can be turned into positives once we take a moment to shift the focus.

We assume that most people are rational and logical in their thinking.  And for the most part that assumption is correct.  But there are remnants of childhood, tragic events, negative influences and well meaning people in our lives who have passed on negative thoughts.  It’s up to us whether we accept the negative or whether we take steps to accept more positive energy.

If you’re ever stuck, stop and take a moment to think of why you feel the way you do.  It’s not enough to say it’s because you’re afraid.  You have to ask why you’re afraid.  Solving problems has a lot to do with correctly identifying the problems.

Without taking time to evaluate the problem, you’ll never be able to create a good solution to resolve it. Many times, if left unresolved, problems will keep repeating themselves over and over.   So today, let’s make a choice to step up to the plate, eliminate limiting beliefs and take our place at the table of success and prosperity.



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