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Are you looking for simple ways to lose weight at home? If so, take a ​moment to learn how you can​ lose weight doing ​something you're probably already doing. 

See before and after results (below) ​from people who have improved their health by detoxing and losing weight.  

How did they do it? They incorporated ​tea and/or coffee into their daily ​routine, and ​they saw weight loss results.  ​Take a look below at the results from real people who were ready for a change in ​their approach to weight loss.  

If You Like Tea or Coffee...

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​Iaso Detox Tea & Nutra Burst Liquid Vitamins

If you're a coffee ​or tea drinker, and you've made ​the decision to drop ​excess pounds and inches, ​it's really a no brainer. ​

​​​​​​These products make weight loss easy, helping you get results by doing something ​you're probably already doing each day... drinking coffee and/or tea.   

No fad or starvation diets, just ​building on ​your existing daily routine. Making small changes ​​can make a huge difference.

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Did you know that losing just 5-10% of your body weight can improve your health? ​That means that if a 200 lb. person lost 10-20 pounds, they could see improvements in​ ​joint pain (less wear and tear), improve ​cholesterol, ​blood pressure and so much more.  ​Talk to your doctor about ​how much weight loss might benefit you, and get started!

​​Drink 2 cups of Iaso Detox Tea per day and start getting results.  By adding a few​ ​healthy food ​choices, ​and ​more movement/exercise into your daily activities, you can ​get results even faster! ​Simple changes can ​include incorporating an extra serving of fruits and vegetables into your ​diet, drinking water instead of soda, or ​taking the stairs instead of the elevator.  

Did you know that tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water?  And about 83% of U.S. adults drink coffee? These are two of the most popular drinks in American culture. Why not use them to reach your weight loss goals?

​Before ...and After Photos

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​This is How it Works!

​Here's a ​short video that shows you how two (2) cups of Iaso Detox Tea per day works to help your body​ rid itself of toxins, ​help​ing you to shed unwanted pounds and inches. 

Try Iaso Detox Tea for Yourself!

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Two cups of Iaso® Detox Tea each day has helped tens of thousands of people to cleanse their body of toxins and flush excess waste.

Made of the 9 natural ingredients listed on the front of the package in the picture shown.

Try a one week's supply​ (trial size) to see how it works.  Easy to use instructions are listed on the back of each pack of tea.  Start your transformation today! ​

​Want Full Size Products?:  To purchase full size Iaso Tea, Iaso Tea Instant or our ​Delgada Coffee, visit our TLC Shop and click on the Health and Wellness and Coffee ​categories.

They Made the Switch!

Many of the people ​in the before and after photos above have not only transformed their lives by losing weight, they have made the switch from ​consumers (customers) to business owners!  

They are ​promoting TLC health and wellness products on a full or part time basis, from any location.  And they're making great commissions, bonuses and residual income

The great thing is that our team members quickly learn to build a thriving business without running down friends and family!  If this sounds interesting, sign up below for more information.

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