Change Your Financial Future
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Have more control over your income, on a flexible schedule that
allows you to do the things that matter most.

This video series provides an introduction to the Total Life Changes work at home opportunity.   As an added bonus, we've included two videos that cover residual income and attraction marketing.   If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

VIDEO #1: Earn Residual Income Working from Home

In this 5-minute video, you'll learn how you can make significant weekly income that includes residual income sharing information on the work at home opportunity and their best selling fitness, skin care and wellness products.  Not sure what residual income means? Check out video #3 below.

VIDEO #2: Your Distributor Daily Mode of Operation

How do you spend your time? This video focuses on how to make the most of your time once you become a Total Life Changes distributor.  It outlines creating a daily schedule or mode of operation that will enable you to maximize your work at home income. 

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VIDEO #3: What is Residual Income?

In this video, you'll discover the power of residual income and why you want it.  You'll also learn how it fits in with the TLC compensation plan.  You may want to revisit the compensation plan now that you've reviewed this video.

VIDEO #4: Your First Training Video: Added Bonus

In Video 4,  you'll receive a sneak peek at our attraction marketing training.  When you join our team, you'll receive more training on how to stop chasing leads, and use proven methods like attraction marketing to grow your business.  If you're interested in the boot camp, you can sign up below.

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Here's an Added Bonus for Watching Our Video Series...

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