Relieve Cold Symptoms with an Easy Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

essential oil, cold and flu diffuser blend

​It's cold and flu season, so we thought we'd share a simple essential oil diffuser blend that helps to ​manage symptoms.​

This blend has is a combination of eucalyptus oil with its antiseptic, and healing properties, ​lavender that has been used to treat respiratory congestion, peppermint with its cooling, antimicrobial properties and tea tree oil with its expectorant properties. 

​The flu season in 2018 is one of the worst we’ve experienced in recent years.​ Health officials confirmed ​ that we’re on track to break several records before the 2018 flu season is ​over.

You may find that you need something more than a natural solution to get over the cold and flu symptoms you're experiencing.  If you find that your symptoms are not getting better, ​make an appointment to see your physician. 

Handwashing is a great way to avoid getting the flu in the first place.  However recognizing flu symptoms early on and getting to the doctor as quickly as possible are really the only ways to combat the flu once you have it.  

Nothing can stop it once someone has been infected, which is why researchers put a great deal of time into studying ways to stop the spread of the flu virus. 

A Calming Cold and Flu Diffuser Blend

Using essential oils in this quick recipe will help to relieve congestion and help you get comfortable when experiencing a cold or the flu.  Make sure to seek the advice of your doctor if your symptoms linger or worsen. 


2 Drops Eucalyptus Oil

2 Drops Lavender Oil

2 Drops Peppermint Oil

2 Drops Tea Tree Oil

Combine all of the ingredients into a diffuser or steaming pot of water for relief of cold and flu symptoms.  For the best results use 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils

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