Ready to Trade Your Cubicle for a Home Office?

Ready to Trade Your Cubicle for a Home Office?

Are You Ready to Trade Your Cubicle for a Home Office?

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If you're ready to take control of your time and your finances, and you want to partner with a company that has the vision and leadership that will support your goals, take a look at Total Life Changes (TLC). 

This 16 year old company has a business opportunity that allows independent business owners (IBO's) to provide an amazing line of health and beauty products that helps their customers look and feel great. 

The TLC business opportunity provides these same customers with an opportunity to CHANGE their socioeconomic status through a rewarding compensation plan that provides retail commissions, bonuses and residual income. This opportunity allows aspiring entrepreneurs to build a home business that taps into a thriving, trillion dollar industry.


Tens of thousands of people have already benefited from our signature line of Iaso weight loss, wellness and skin care products, and are well on their way to building a permanent primary or even secondary income.  The TLC income building system will continue to deliver quality products matched with resilient support and training to help you every step of the way.

Total Life Changes has reached amazing heights, starting with CEO Jack Fallon who has made it his mission to help families.  He started TLC working out of his home with one product, Iaso Nutraburst Liquid Vitamins.  The company has experienced phenomenal growth under his leadership, crossing borders and landing in locations across the globe. 

As the company's signature line of products continues to grow, so will the relationships with reps from all areas of the world and all walks of life.

With offices and warehouses in fifteen countries, shipping products to over 150 countries, it's no wonder that TLC representatives' success rates continue to evolve. 


TLC Overview from National Director, Candace Byrd Davis

We have a dynamic, culturally-diverse customer support team with knowledgeable, insightful leadership. That's a formula for building long term success and lasting relationships. 

Mr. Fallon and the leadership team have brought their expertise in network marketing and paired it with a unique approach that allows active IBO's (Independent Business Owners) to earn commissions from wholesale distributors as well as retail customers, in addition to qualifying for supplementary bonuses and residual income.

They have also partnered with other MLM trailblazers to provide invaluable training resources for their reps to help them grow in marketing expertise and MLM principles


Total Life Changes' started the 100K Families Initiative. The goal of this initiative is to provide an OPPORTUNITY for others to flourish financially, instead of relying on others to help provide for their families.

The company has begun an extensive search for individuals who are ready to implement the company's business model and propel TLC and it's products toward broader markets.  You'll receive free company training, no experience is necessary. 

When you join our team, in addition to training you'll receive from Total Life Changes, you'll receive our newsletter that is packed with exclusive tips on how to sell online using the internet.  You'll also learn about marketing and automation tools that will help you get results with your new TLC business. 

As your first free bonus, receive a free social media recruiting guide that's loaded with proven tips and insight on building your team online without running down friends and family. 


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