Positioning Yourself to Thrive in a Sea of Change

Are you open to change or is it difficult to deal with? When things happen in your life, what is your first reaction? Do you panic or do you immediate start thinking of solutions? Maybe you do a combination of both. Learning to adapt will enable you to better weather the curves that life can sometimes throw your way.

At a basic level, most people know that change is a normal part of life. But when negative things (changes) happen, like losing a job, the death of someone close or the discovery of a life threatening illness for example, most people typically panic, check out, or think of solutions as a natural response.  Some life changes are good and some are not so great but as a rule, we have a typical mode of action that we use to cope with both scenarios.

It’s normal to resist negative changes, and embrace positive ones. After time has passed and the initial shock is over, we find that there are two basic types of people.  There are people who rely on one idea or one way of thinking, who may not think of any viable options or solutions.  These people are at a disadvantage, because they spend a lot of time doing things like pointing fingers, placing blame, feeling helpless, complaining, talking about the good ole days, being mad, sad, disappointed, frustrated etc. These feelings may be a normal part of an initial reaction. The problem is that if they last over time, they become counteractive.  The longer the focus is on these activities, the longer the person can stay stuck with the negative change or event.

The second type of person is upset but their reaction is one that focuses on finding solutions and options. They are flexible, adaptable and open to change.  They will refer to resources outside of themselves (networking, groups, experts, online resources etc.) to find viable options.  These people will be in a better position to create life solutions.

When you’re flexible, it doesn’t mean that you like the changes but if you don’t allow yourself to focus on complaining, the good ole days etc., you can better determine the impact to your life, and evaluate options and solutions that will help you move past the change faster and better prepared.

People who are focused and calm when changes occur will be positioned to create plans, network, brainstorm and set out to find solutions.  They will move themselves into a  situation that will enable them to (1) eliminate the change, (2) move away from the change or (3) live with it until they can move past it. People with solutions will dictate or facilitate the changes that everyone else will follow.

People who have no solutions, complaints and negative energy will position themselves to follow the people who create solutions.  A healthy lifestyle, financial independence, goals and purpose  (not complaints) will bring about changes that can lead you away from a life dictated by circumstances and into the life you want.   Things that worked well for our parents and grandparents may not work today. These traditions may need tweaking to create success in today’s world.

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