Monetize Your Blog with the Amazon Affiliate Program

Monetize Your Blog with the Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon offers a free, quick and easy way to monetize your blog by signing up for the Amazon affiliate program.  The Amazon affiliate program enables website and blog owners to earn an income from ads placed on their websites.  Since Amazon sells everything under the sun, it's an excellent way to add a product link or recommendation for product you use each day.  Learn how this program works and how you can benefit. .

Amazon affiliate program

How the Program Works

The Amazon affiliate program is simple, and works like this... you earn as the the website or blog owner, when your readers click your product links and buy the product from Amazon.  It's like obtaining a finder's fee for referring customers to their site. The key is to have interesting visuals, and enough traffic to your website so that as many people as possible will see your ads and make a purchase.

Once You Have a Blog, Signing Up is Easy

Once you sign up for the program and you're accepted, you will receive codes specific to each product and your affiliate account, that you can place on your website, in ads, social media posts and emails to drive traffic to the Amazon site.  They have such a large selection of products, and most everyone who shops online is an Amazon customers.  It's also easy to find items that will fit the interests of your readers.  The best thing about becoming an Associate is that you are able to take advantage of all the opportunities outlined in this article.

Sign up to become an Amazon Affiliate

It's Easy to Add Links with Publisher's Studio

Amazon makes it easy to add links to your site and integrate their products. You can create and embed an aStore with products that you hand-pick, banners, and specials that you can run for occasions. They offer banners, badges and links for specialty items, seasonal items, discounts, sales and more. Their reports are great for figuring out what works and what doesn't as well as your commissions.

Publisher's Studio enables you to add links to products on Amazon directly from your website, without the need to visit Associates Central to get the link. Just install a small piece of code on your website and you're done. With Publisher Studio installed, you can create text links to any product on Amazon in seconds, and even add a ‘Shop now’ call to action on images on your site. Images that are already linked to Amazon product pages can be automatically enhanced by showing the 'Shop now' call to action too.

Linking Amazon's products to your site in a way that makes sense to your customers will help you become more successful in this program. As you create links, you're also building credibility in the search engines because Amazon is a giant online. So make sure you're providing the best content to your readers. You should also have a clear understanding of link building so that you ensure that your links are optimized correctly. Take a look at some of the ways you can earn with Amazon.

The Promotions Hub

The Amazon affiliate program has a hub for all their associates called the promotions hub.  The hub provides a list of events and special offers to give Associates a simple way to keep track and take advantage of promotions offered across Amazon.

• Find seasonal offers, best sellers, deals, ongoing merchandising themes, and product trends to help you maximize your earnings.
• Easily discover what has been added in the last three days
• Filter by category, type of promotion, start dates, and others.
• See what banner sizes are available when you click on 'get banner'
• And, more.

Watch the video below to get some ideas on how you can use the program:

Earn with Amazon Bounty​

If you're signed up in the Amazon affiliate program you can earn a fixed fee when your readers sign up for Amazon ​services and programs like Amazon Baby Registry, Wedding Registry, Prime and more.  Find out more about the program here.

Earn with Amazon CPM Ads

Amazon CPM Ads, amazon affiliate program

Amazon CPM Ads is a display ad program that works similar to Adsense, and it pays based on a cost per impression. It allows blog and website owners to place high quality ads served by Amazon on your blog.  The great thing about this program is that you get paid per impression, whether or not your visitors make a purchase.  This ad network is offered to Amazon Associates.  So get signed up as an Affiliate and start earning from this stream of income in addition to any regular payments you'll receive from purchases from your product links.

Merch by Amazon

Here are some programs that are not part of the Amazon affiliate program.  If you're an affiliate, it's easy to sign up using your existing log in.  If you're not an affiliate, you can use the links below to visit the respective pages and sign up today!

Amazon affiliate program, merch by Amaxon

Merch by Amazon is a program that is separate from the Amazon affiliate program that allows designers and small business owners to sell custom t-shirts. 

Sell your designs on the world's largest online marketplace with no upfront investment or costs. Simply upload your artwork, choose a t-shirt type and color, set your price add a product description. Amazon creates a product page, and when customers buy your shirt, they will handle shipment, customer support all with no upfront costs. The downside is that it is an invitation only service. The upside is that you can request an invitation, and if accepted, you will be on your way to earnings and fun with this program.

Have Products You Would Like to Sell?

Become an Amazon Seller and get a deal on Amazon Product Ads. Amazon is offering $50 worth of free clicks to new advertisers. Advertisers who sign up for a new account and get their first customer to click on a live ad will get the next $50 worth of clicks to their website for free.

These opportunities can add up to a great passive income just from blogging and posting to social media. Try it out if you're looking to monetize your blog or website. There are some bloggers who make thousands of dollars per month from Amazon Associates alone, making it a very feasible option for working at home.

Earn from blogging by signing up with the Amazon affiliate program. They are a trusted name, and they offer many different ways to earn.

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