Wellness Professionals: Expand Your Product Line and Quickly Grow Your Business

If you own or work in a business in the beauty and wellness industry, you know that it's easier and more cost-effective to promote to an existing customers than it is to obtain a new customer

If you're a stylist, personal trainer, make up artist, masseuse, or manicurist working in a brick and mortar or an online business, you may be providing a number of personal grooming, exercise and beauty services to help your customers look and feel their best.  If so you have the perfect opportunity to promote complimentary products that will help your customers and support what you're already doing.

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Why not expand your business by adding a few complimentary products that are a good fit for your current services? If this sounds like a good idea, take a moment to look at this article for products you can promote in your business to earn extra cash, bonuses and incentives.

The answer is yes, if you're not offering complimentary products to customers when they visit you for an appointment.  You're also leaving money on the table if you are offering products and not making an adequate profit from your efforts.

Easily Expand Your Business

Quickly grow your business by adding one or more products from Total Life Changes to your existing services and earn a generous 50% commission, plus the ability to earn bonuses and incentives!  You'll win by earning a great commission and your customers win with quality products that will help them look and feel great!

When you join Total Life Changes you'll get a free sales and marketing system that does the selling and promoting for you.  You can send customers to it when they want more information and to make a purchase. 

A System That Works for You

The system does a lot of the heavy lifting for you processing orders, helping them learn about the products, giving them the opportunity to make purchases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They can also join you in business without any arm twisting and bugging on your part.  You basically introduce, promote and follow up. 

Total Life Changes offers products that will help your customers with beauty and skin care, weight loss and and increase in stamina and energy levels with nutrition supplements.  These products are designed to help people at all ages to look and feel great from the inside out. 

For example, think of how products like body wraps, 3D fiber mascara, skin care and anti-aging products, essential oils, and  liquid vitamins will help your current customers.  This time of year bring warmer weather, and lots of outdoor activities. 

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Give Customers Ideas to Help with Spring and Summer Events

Your customers will attend events like graduations, weddings, reunions and even summer vacations. They have an interest in improving skin and having energy and vitality to do everything on their to do list.  You're in an excellent position because when your customers visit you, many of them are planning to attend these events and would love to have ideas on how they can maintain the services you provide, and look and feel great. 

You Won't Be Bogged Down, It's An Easy Transition

Once you add TLC products to your current services, you won’t get bogged down in paperwork or other time consuming tasks.  You will run your primary business as usual, and cross sell (suggest and show) complimentary products as you go through your normal daily activity.  You can use online and offline methods to promote TLC products.  The more you incorporate the products as a normal part of doing business, the less it sounds like you’re selling and more like helping or consulting. `We will be with you every step of the way!

Take your business to the next level and easily add additional streams of income.  Easily and seamlessly incorporate these products into your sales process without much extra work. 

When you think about it, the transition is easy because you're already in front of the perfect customers.  Couple that presence with conventional marketing methods, like casually suggesting products, strategically displaying flyers, posters and cards in your shop and letting customers sample products. You'll be surprised at how these changes can impact your bottom line.

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If you’re a stylist, personal trainer, make up artist, masseuse, or manicurist working in a brick and mortar or an online business, you may be providing a number of personal grooming, exercise and beauty services to help your customers look and feel their best.

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