Improve Hair and Skin with 100% Pure Emu Oil

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Make our 100% Pure Emu Oil part of your personal care regimen to improve the condition of your hair, skin and nails! It relieves dry, distressed skin, rejuvenates frizzy, limp and split-end-riddled hair, while rescuing cracked cuticles and brittle nails.

Our emu oil is certified 100% pure and dispensed from a pump, which makes consistent application easy. Emu oil quickly penetrates deep "into" the skin, which is a distinct advantage over other products that just sit "on top" of your skin. The great thing about our emu oil is that a little goes a long way, so only a small amount is needed to reap its benefits.

Be sure to keep the cap tight and and store your emu oil in a cool place so that it lasts a long time. If these storage conditions are met, emu oil can last up to two or three years.

Skincare Benefits

Iaso 100% Certified Emu Oil goes on light and absorbs immediately, and it will not irritate even the most sensitive skin. It hydrates and super-oxygenates skin and helps it to hold moisture, plumping up your skin’s underlying layer thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to relieve itching and inflammation and facilitates mild wound healing, reduces scarring

Emu Oil Has Been Effective in Waking Up Inactive Hair Follicles

It smooths and conditions over processed, dry, frizzy hair and improves thinning hair by waking up inactive hair follicles. According to experts, the top three causes of reduced hair growth are aging, hormonal changes, and a family predisposition. But in most cases, what appears as hair loss is actually hair degradation.

With aging, a substance called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) causes hair follicles to shorten their anagen, or active phase. When the active phase is shortened, hairs in balding patches will transform from thick, vital hairs into fragile, colorless ones.

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Despite their lifeless appearance, most of these hairs are still alive and connected to a steady supply of blood. However, as the anagen cycle shortens, more and more hairs die and fall out. Over time, all the follicles will become too thin to survive, and complete hair loss may result.

The key to reversing hair loss is to “awaken” the sleeping hair follicles … before it’s too late. It has been found that treating skin with emu oil resulted in a 20% increase in hair growth activity, compared to skin treated with corn oil.

Nail Benefits

Emu oil is a great massage oil for nail cuticles, and when used regularly, helps to increase nail condition and strength. Applying emu oil to fingernails and toenails to help hydrate, soften, protect and regenerate cuticles! This will increase nail strength over a period of time. Because emu oil has exceptional moisturizing properties, it can hydrate and improve suppleness and make nails more resistant.

For maximum benefit, emu oil should be applied to your nails morning and night—or as frequently as needed. During manicures, apply emu oil a few minutes before nail polish.

Why is Using AEA Certified Oil Important?

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The American Emu Association (AEA) created a certification program which invites oil processors to submit a third party lab analysis for each batch of fully refined oil to ensure composition, purity and stability. For batch approval to be granted, analysis must fall within certain pre-established guidelines including stringent specifications for moisture (water), peroxide and free fatty acids.

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Emu Oil Samples

These specifications ensure the emu oil is 100% pure (uncut) and grants a level of safety for the consumer. This level of refining will guarantee oil with a long shelf life of 4 to 5 years; free of bacteria, hormones, toxic metals, pesticides, viruses and infections.

A one month size bottle of 100% Pure Natural Emu Oil provides moisturizing, re-hydrating, healing and penetrating properties which allows your skin to look and feel it's best naturally. Emu oil is also available in sample sizes, shown in the picture.

Are You in the Personal Care Business?

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Learn how 100% certified emu oil can improve your hair, skin and nails and learn about the advantages of using certified oil for your personal care needs. Emu oil quickly penetrates deep “into” the skin, which is a distinct advantage over other products that just sit “on top” of your skin.


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