I Think I’m Overweight, Now What?

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If you find that you're overweight or obese, the bad news is that you may be at risk for a number of health related issues.  The good news is that being overweight or obese doesn't have to be a permanent condition. It can be managed, improved and totally eliminated with the right information and an action plan. Find out how you can take steps to improve the way you look and feel and take charge of your overall health. Save

Start Your Fitness Routine with Simple Stretches: Relax and Enjoy the Moment

We're working hard to improve our overall wellness and that's great!  If you're visiting the gym, working out at home, doing yoga, incorporating extra steps, power walking, running etc. to improve your health, you're not alone.  People of all ages are learning more about the benefits of working out and eating for better nutrition vs. a sedentary lifestyle, emotional eating and consuming empty calories that keeps our bodies in weight gaining mode.

Feeling Stuck in Your Workout? Here are a Few Tips to Beat Burnout!

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Getting burned out with your current exercise routine? It's one of the biggest challenges faced by those who are exercising to lose weight.  Getting started and sticking with it is usually the hardest part of making any change.   Everything starts out great, you're pumped and motivated. Then you start to lose steam. Your routines become boring and you are ready to quit... Not so fast. With a little brainstorming, time and creativity, you can beat boredom in your exercise routine. If you're st...