Enrolling as a Total Life Changes Distributor

Enrolling as a Total Life Changes Distributor is about a 10 minute process. All representatives are required to purchase a business starter welcome kit and enrollment products to get started. You'll select a product, complete the enrollment form, and add payment.

Positioning Yourself to Thrive in a Sea of Change

change, wellness, healthy mind, dealing with change, adapting to change
Are you open to change or is it difficult to deal with? When things happen in your life, what is your first reaction? Do you panic or do you immediate start thinking of solutions? Maybe you do a combination of both. Learning to adapt will enable you to better weather the curves that life can sometimes throw your way. At a basic level, most people know that change is a normal part of life. But when negative things (changes) happen, like losing a job, the death of someone close or the discovery...

Feeling Stuck in Your Workout? Here are a Few Tips to Beat Burnout!

popsicle workout jar, fitness, excercise
Getting burned out with your current exercise routine? It's one of the biggest challenges faced by those who are exercising to lose weight.  Getting started and sticking with it is usually the hardest part of making any change.   Everything starts out great, you're pumped and motivated. Then you start to lose steam. Your routines become boring and you are ready to quit... Not so fast. With a little brainstorming, time and creativity, you can beat boredom in your exercise routine. If you're st...

How Are Your Challenging Your Mind?

Is it possible to live well if you are not challenging your mind? If you're not sharpening the saw (your brain) it can become dull.  With increases in debilitating diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's it's more important than ever to exercise, not only your body, but your mind. If you're not challenging your mind, you may be having problems navigating the simple things.  Combine that with a lack of physical activity and a poor diet and you may be setting the stage for disease. How is you...

What Closely Held Beliefs Are Limiting Your Success?

When I looked at my email this morning, the first message that popped up was titled "What Would You Do if You Weren't Afraid".  It really struck me because that is the million dollar question for many people.  How much further ahead would any of us be if it wasn't for limiting beliefs that hold us back.  How many times have you not quite taken the plunge because you're afraid it won't work out? You're smart, popular and well-adjusted, but there is something that keeps you from reaching your f...