The Effects of Soda Versus Tea… Iaso Tea That Is!

It's amazing to know that soda (soft drinks or "pop" as it's called in certain areas of the country) is one of the most popular beverages in the United States, second only to water.  Americans guzzle 57 gallons of soda per person every year.  Because of the recent rise in obesity in the U.S., a lot of research has been done to determine what happens when consumers drink soda. Just so you know, I'm on a journey to lose weight and improve my health and I was an avid soft drink connoisseur. My dri...

Tired of Buying Full Size Weight Loss Products That Don’t Work?… Try a Trial Size of Our Weight Loss Tea!

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Iaso Weight Loss/Detox Tea Price: $13.34 + Shipping (Each Packet Contains 1 Sachet) You Get: A One Week Supply of Tea ONE WEEK'S SUPPLY OF IASO TEA Do you have a collection of weight loss products in your cabinet that don't deliver what they promise? We know it's disappointing and frustrating, but today you're in the right place at the right time. We're confident that you're going to love our Iaso Tea, but we understand that you might be a little skeptical. Our weight loss, detox tea...

The Health Benefits of Losing Weight

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If curbing your appetite, ridding your body of toxins, boosting your energy levels, helping your body absorb more nutrients and of course, losing weight sounds like something that interests you, read this article to learn about the health benefits that come with weight loss and lifestyle products to help you reach your goals. Save

Feeling Stuck in Your Workout? Here are a Few Tips to Beat Burnout!

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Getting burned out with your current exercise routine? It's one of the biggest challenges faced by those who are exercising to lose weight.  Getting started and sticking with it is usually the hardest part of making any change.   Everything starts out great, you're pumped and motivated. Then you start to lose steam. Your routines become boring and you are ready to quit... Not so fast. With a little brainstorming, time and creativity, you can beat boredom in your exercise routine. If you're st...