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Live a healthier lifestyle with information, recipes, and products that support the entire person.  Learn about quality nutrition supplements, skin care products, and essential oils designed to help you reach your health, wellness and fitness goals. Check our health and wellness blog for regular updates.

Receive updates and information that will help you fight the signs of aging from the inside out.  Receive recipes that will help you incorporate healthy ingredients to make great tasting food.  Learn about products to help you improve things like weight management, skin care and vitality.  You'll also learn to incorporate essential oils to make everything from household helpers to grooming products.

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Enrolling as a Total Life Changes Distributor
Enrolling as a Total Life Changes Distributor is about a 10 minute process. All representatives are required to purchase a business starter welcome kit and enrollment products to get started. You'll select a product, complete the enrollment form, and add payment.
Ready to Trade Your Cubicle for a Home Office?
You can have your own internet business that you can work and manage from your home office... or literally anywhere, with Total Life Changes (TLC). This is a company established over 14 years ago
There is Also a Business Opportunity That's Fun and Profitable

Engage with us as a reader, a customer or a business partner!  As a reader, you'll learn about topics and products that will help you become more balanced, youthful and energetic.  As a customer, you'll reap the benefits of some great products first hand.

As a business partner, you'll supplement or replace your existing income with a business you can work from any location and on any schedule, to improve your finances while helping others reach their wellness goals.  Use the download/resources and the FAQ section below to find learn more about us.

Why Total Life Changes (TLC)?

The 24 billion dollar wellness industry is growing with consumers (from baby boomers to millennials) who are living an active, healthy lifestyle. These consumers want to be fit and full of energy, to participate in life and the things that matter most. 

TLC provides Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and their customers with a diverse set of products that are easy to promote and share. TLC now provides thousands of people, located around the world, with the opportunity to build a brighter financial future.

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